Francesco Marassi

Full-Stack developer & UI/UX designer.


The easiest way to setup multiple environments on React Native

There are some things that I found trivial and a little difficult to do on React Native that are so easy inside a web application; one of these things is handling different environment variables. It’s normal to have only one environment when you are…

March 16, 2020

How to remove files already added to git after you update .gitignore

How many times you commited files on git in an entry phase of a project and only after a while you noticed that the files are useless? (For me: at least 3–4 times every project — damn android builds files on react-native) Even if you update your…

March 05, 2020

How to simultaneously start multiple instances of iOS simulator on Expo

On every React Native project that I was involved, there was always a most-feared moment: checking if your app is running as expected (and as similar as possible to the UIs shared by the designer) on lots of smartphones and iOS/Android version. By…

January 09, 2020

How 16 lines of code helped me be more relaxed

How I created a Telegram Bot to tell me how my SaaS was going and started relaxing.🤖 Some months ago, I launched Stori. Lots of people started to register and add Instagram Accounts to view and save their stories’ performance. After 2 days, more…

April 26, 2018

Different image formats from Instagram APIs

TL; DR: to enable the non-squared photos in the Instagram APIs, go to the migration tab on the client page and check “Non square image”. After 5 years, Instagram finally has given the users the possibility to post also non-square images. But…

October 13, 2015